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Isabel and Rhiannon started The AgriSciencer in June 2019 as a platform to 'bridge the gap' between scientific publications and the New Zealand farming industry.


We identified that there is A LOT of amazing research and innovation in NZ that is tied up in publications that are full of scientific jargon that are not very easy to interpret by a non-scientific audience. Not to mention time consuming!


We want to use our scientific knowledge to transform the key messages from these scientific publications into a format that is easy to digest for anyone in the agricultural industry.

Our Vision:

'To be the place to go for easily digestible scientific information on agriculture and animal production in New Zealand'

Share your research

Do you have peer-reviewed publications that you would like to get out to the farming industry?

If you are interested in being a guest writer and summarising one (or more!) of your scientific articles for a farming audience please send us:

  • 3 key points from the paper you would like to get out to industry 

  • the title of and a link to the full publication 

  • your contact name and email address

If your publication looks to be a great fit for our website, we will contact you with further details.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Work With Us

There are a variety of different ways to work with The AgriSciencer to disseminate research to the engaged rural industry of New Zealand.

On our platform we can create summaries of research articles with links back to the original publication sponsored by you.

We'd love to talk with you further about how to create a suitable package.

Contact us at agrisciencer@gmail.com


Rhiannon Handcock (Riri)

Riri was born and raised in Auckland (around the corner from the Zoo) until she was 11 when her parents purchased a lifestyle block near Pukekohe.

Riri went to Massey University to combine her love of cows and science with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Agriculture. She completed her Honours in 2014 and worked for LIC for one year.

She has graduated with a PhD titled 'Live weight and growth of dairy heifers are important for subsequent milk production and reproductive performance'. 

As of May 2020 she is employed as a Postdoctoral fellow at the Al Rae Centre for Genetics and Breeding

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Isabel Vialoux


Izzy grew up on an intensive breeding and finishing sheep farm in western Southland in a place called Otahuti.

Izzy has a Bachelor of AgriScience with first class Honours from Massey University. Following that she worked as a Junior Research Officer in Soil Science from Jan 2015 to September 2016.


Izzy is in her final year of her PhD titled ‘Genetic parameters of body condition score and production traits in New Zealand sheep’.

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A platform for the discussion of agricultural science that is particularly relevant to the farming sector of New Zealand.  

The two editors, Isabel Vialoux and Rhiannon Handcock are PhD students/employees at Massey University.

This blog represents the views and opinions of Isabel and Rhiannon, not Massey University.

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